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The Boston Fire Department - is the largest municipal fire department in New England and serves approximately 636,000 people living in a 47-square-mile area of the city proper and provides additional mutual aid to 32 surrounding communities of the Greater Boston Metro Area, including Logan International Airport.

The Boston Fire Department provides fire protection and first responder emergency medical services to the city of Boston, Massachusetts. In addition to fire protection, the department responds to a variety of emergencies such as medical emergencies, motor vehicle accidents, hazardous material spills, electrical hazards, floods, and construction accidents.

Boston firefighters are members of the IAFF Local 718

Help Needed  If you are a firefighter in Boston, we need your help to verify the station information shown below is current and correct, please email us
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Boston Fire Department  -  Stations & Apparatus
Boston Fire Department 115 Southampton Street Boston 617-343-3550
Sta Engine Truck Special Units Address Area
  Eng 2 Ladder 19   700 East 4th Street South Boston
  Eng 3   Special Lighting Unit 618 Harrison Ave South End
  Eng 4 Ladder 24   200 Cambridge Street West End
  Eng 5     360 Saratoga Street East Boston
  Eng 7 Ladder 17   200 Columbus Ave Back Bay
  Eng 8 Ladder 1   292 Hanover Street North End
  Eng 9 Ladder 2 Decon 239 SumnerStreet East Boston
  Eng 10 Tower 3 Rescue 1, Collapse Rescue, Dive Unit, Tech Rescue 125 Purchase Street Downtown
  Eng 14 Ladder 4   174 Dudley Street Roxbury
  Eng 16     9 Gallivan Blvd Dorchester
  Eng 17 Ladder 7   7 Parish Street Dorchester
  Eng 18 Ladder 6   1884 Dorchester Ave Dorchester
  Eng 20     301 Neponset Ave Dorchester
  Eng 21     641 Columbia Road Dorchester
  Eng 22   Haz-Mat 1, Rehab / Mass Caualty Unit 700 Tremont Street South End
  Eng 24 Ladder 23   36 Washington Street Roxbury/Dorchester
  Eng 28 Tower 10 Tech Support Unit 746 Centre Street Jamaica Plain
  Eng 29 Ladder 11   138 Chestnut Hill Ave Brighton
  Eng 30 Ladder 25   1940 Centre Street West Roxbury
  Eng 32 Ladder 9   525 Main Street Charlestown
  Eng 33 Ladder 15   941 Boylston Street Back Bay
  Eng 37 Ladder 26   560 Huntington Ave Roxbury
  Eng 39 Ladder 18 Decon Unit 272 D Street South Boston
  Eng 41 Ladder 14   460 Cambridge Street Allston
  Eng 42     1870 Columbus Ave Roxbury
  Eng 48 Ladder 28 Brush Unit 60 Fairmont Ave Hyde Park
  Eng 49     209 Neponset Valley Parkway Readville
  Eng 50     34 Winthrop Street Charlestown
  Eng 51     425 Faneuil Street Brighton
  Eng 52 Ladder 29   975 Blue Hill Ave Dorchester
  Eng 53 Ladder 16   209 Neponset Valley Parkway Readville
  Eng 54     Long Island Boston Harbor
  Eng 55   Brush Unit 5115 Washington Street West Roxbury
  Eng 56 Ladder 21   1 Ashley Street East Boston
      Marine 1, Marine 2, Marine 3 Burrough's Wharf North End
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